Hey hey hey hey

9:30at night. No one on the street except the man walking towards me, and myself.

Because I didnt go out of my way to avoid him by crossing the street, this man decides to shout out to me after I walk past ‘Hey hey hey hey, you are my friend, hey hey hey.’

I continue walking ignoring him, continued walking and then I turned around and took a photo of him from 50metres away.

What is wrong with this situation? This man is either naive or a predator. If he did actually genuinely confuse me with someone else, then the conversation would have been different, he would have just started chatting about a topic we were both familiar with. Instead, this man was relying on me engaging with him to correct him that he had mistakenly me for someone else, then he would have started phishing about who I am to get info about me.

Why does a man need to approach a woman on the street at 9:30 at night when there is no-one else about?