I Feel so Upset and Unsafe

Followed and shouted at by a complete stranger on the street opposite Waterloo station who persistently tried to talk me. Had a male family member come out of a shop and help, otherwise I don’t know how I could have gotten it to stop. Didn’t feel like any bystanders would intervene.

I can’t sleep right now because I feel so upset and unsafe by it. I don’t feel like a real person when that happens. I am new to London and finding this is happening a lot and it’s awful. I don’t want to walk around the streets, I don’t feel safe afterwards and I’m getting paranoid I’m being followed after each incident.

Please please intervene, on the street or on public transport, if you see this happening. I think it’s usually fairly obvious. I don’t know if men understand how it feels- it’s actually terrifying, not funny or a compliment. I don’t exist so you can intimidate me, get my details and force me to talk to you when I’m on my way somewhere. It honestly isn’t flitering if the woman is blatantly trying to get away from you and is clearly uncomfortable. Men please please never do this; please stop your friends from doing this and please please help women if you see this happening to them. I don’t deserve to feel unsafe in my own home now after an experience in my neighbourhood that I was completely out of my control.