PUBLIC HARASSMENT: Harassed three times walking home

Me and a friend came out of ealing tube station around 12am after having a drink in Central London. We were met by a man running up to us and asking for a hug. We walked away quickly and said no firmly.

He walked after us with his arms wide shouting ‘give me a hug’ (we are in a pandemic, this is so inappropriate on so many levels). So we actually had to run from him for him to stop following us.

Five minutes later another man came up to us and said ‘I’ve just seen what that man tried to do are you OK?’ We said, ‘yes thank you.’ Now he continued to walk with us saying ‘oh you are both so pretty, can I get to know you’ etc., etc. This made us feel super uncomfortable, especially as his pretence was to check if we are OK, but really he just wanted to harass us as well. We asked him to leave us alone.

Another five minutes walk away from the second man. We came across three other men. Me and my friend felt very vulnerable at this point and she took my arm and got close to me. The men could see her fear and acted on this. One of the men came up to us and said in a menacing voice ‘its too late for you girls to be out, its too dangerous’ super intimidating! He then went on to say ‘oh i can give drive you back to my place. You’ll be safe there.’

We felt so scared and they continued walking behind us for a few minutes.

This happened in the space of about 15 minutes and the three different incidents were unrelated in that the men didn’t know each other. It made us so angry that men feel they can approach us and say inappropriate and intimidating things to us.

Its disgusting.