I was minding my business, walking from the Clapton area towards Stoke Newington at approximately 4:30pm on a Saturday. A well-built man, possibly in his thirties, in a light grey hoodie and sunglasses, was leering at me and following me before eventually (very intentionally) blocking my path.

When I moved away from him as he edged closer and closer, he pushed me, quite forcefully, into the road and started hurling insults at me, asking me to get out of his way. I was so shaken by his behaviour, that I told him not to touch me and screamed that it was harassment; he continued to shout at me as I walked away.

A couple of passersby witnessed what happened and very kindly asked me if I was okay (I cannot stress how important it is to get this kind of support from strangers). I’m still shaken by the fact that this person pushed me into the road. A couple of blocks later I informed some policemen patrolling the area but I’m fairly sure the man was long gone by then.