Hollaback London was set up in 2010 by two friends, Julia Gray and Bryony Beynon. Now, it’s a collective of more than 30 people, and part of a global network dedicated to ending street harassment.

We use the term ‘street harassment’ to describe any unwanted sexual/sexualising behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable as a woman or LGBTQ person moving through public space.  This might include: Staring, leering, commenting, shouting, following, touching, grabbing, public masturbating, groping, flashing, assault.

This. happens. every. day.

Society perpetuates the idea that our bodies are public property, and that harassment, abuse, assault and daily fear is just the price we pay for leaving the house. We say: not anymore. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe in public.


So what are we doing about it?


    • This site and our mobile app enables any to post their stories and pictures, regaining some of the power that’s lost in the moment of harassment, highlighting just how often it happens and where, we work on changing attitudes and confronting the outdated cultural norms that say that harassment is ‘okay.’ Knowing that you are not alone; that this behaviour is not just something you have to put up with, is the first step to making it unacceptable.


    • We work to create dialogue on the streets in our own communities by facilitating and leading workshops as well as speaking and debating at events.


    • We initiate conversations through our own events and an independent publication called Langdon Olgar, which takes the female, queer and trans realities of existing in public space as its starting point for a diverse collection of words and art.


    • We act as independent advisors to Project Guardian, a long term project set up to change how harassment is dealt with and reported on public transport, working closely with Southwark Council, Transport for London and the End Violence Against Women Coalition.


    • We work with businesses that want to prioritise making their women and LGBTQ patrons feel comfortable, collaborating on landmark initiatives such as Fabric’s harassment policy – which has become our sister campaign – the International Good Night Out campaign.

We are here to end street harassment. Join us and donate today:

Get in touch with the Collective: [email protected]