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I suddenly felt a hand in between my legs

I was at a club with 4 of my guy friends in Shoreditch. There was this drunk guy running round hugging all of the women in the club from behind. I could tell that inside his mind he thought he was being harmless and had no intention of harassing anyone. Luckily none of the women, … Continued

Unnecessary hostility from the bouncer

New submission from Anonymous It started out as a harmless night. It was 11:30pm and I jumped out of my Uber. Being proud of my newly acquired gin, I offered some to one of your bouncers, a slightly bald man in his 30s of average built, as I was about to enter. He said he’d … Continued

One of them proceeded to grab my butt.

New submission from Anonymous. I left a club in Shoreditch and was walking to find another one around 2am. My friends and I were unsuccessful at finding one we liked, so we walked back to the club we originally started at, because our friend was working there and we wanted to meet up. About a … Continued

Harassment at a Young professional Speed Dating event…

New submission from Amit New in London, I went with a friend to a meetup party of “young professionals in London”. After a while, the friend left, and I stayed to dance with another girl I met there. Later on, I posted what happened to me at the party on the event’ wall, and my … Continued

Soho Flyering Ordeal

Years ago I was flyering outside of a bar in Soho fairly late at night. I was making small talk with the bouncer to pass the time while handing out flyers to the bar patrons going in and out. The small talk was fairly normal, but started to turn sexual in a seriously creepy and … Continued