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“He kept looking at me”

Last Tuesday evening around 6:30 on the 16 bus a man sitting in the seat behind me put his head close to behind my right shoulder to observe what I was searching on my phone. He then stood up and kept looking at me. I told him not to observe where I am travelling to … Continued

“It was super intimidating”

I was on the top deck of the bus listening to music when two men got on arguing loudly enough I could hear them over my music and sat behind me. I turned my music off because I already felt very uncomfortable and after a few minutes I heard one say to the other “Watch … Continued

Miserable morning commute

Last week I took the bus to work. It was busy, and I was forced to stand by the doors. A man got on behind me, and pressed himself up against me from behind. I turned around and he said sorry, like it was an accident, but I’ve been on busy buses before and never … Continued

I could feel his body heat against my leg

New Submission from L: I was traveling on the 1 bus towards Holborn when a man boarded around St. George Circus. It was 11:40am on New Year’s Eve. Plenty of other vacant double seats for him to sit in but he sat next to me. Almost as soon as he sat down, his thigh started … Continued

Accosted on the bus

New submission from Amber. I got onto a busy bus late in the evening at Elephant and Castle. Since there wasn’t much room I stood on the lower deck next the the stairs, and a man got onto the bus and stood next to me, in front of the stairs. The first time the bus … Continued

Groped trying to get home

New submission from Erica Louise. After a night out I got lost on the way home to my boyfriend’s house in Enfield taking an unfamiliar bus route and didn’t know where I was. A man pulled his car over to ‘help’ me, who told me he was “coked up” and I was really scared, but … Continued

It doesn’t sound much but it upset me

A man sat next to me on the bus (even though there were plenty of other empty seats elsewhere on the bus) he sat very close to me getting closer and closer as the journey went on rubbing his leg up against mine, I moved my leg away from him, shuffled closer to the window … Continued