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Yeah right

I visited my friend at uni last Halloween, and we went out to a nightclub. On the way there I walked past a man who kept looking at me, and as I passed him I heard “sexy”. I flew into a rage, and he thought I would believe he was “talking to his friend”.

“Men have to acknowledge our autonomy to say no”

I was recently in a club with a couple of friends without my partner. A guy made a number of attempts to dance with me (perhaps I should say into me?) from which I politely declined, by moving away. Though the music was too loud for words, presumably he understood this to mean ‘try harder’, … Continued

Unnecessary hostility from the bouncer

New submission from Anonymous It started out as a harmless night. It was 11:30pm and I jumped out of my Uber. Being proud of my newly acquired gin, I offered some to one of your bouncers, a slightly bald man in his 30s of average built, as I was about to enter. He said he’d … Continued

Nightclub groper ignored by bouncer

New submission from Meg A man was wandering around the dance floor groping women. One incident involved him going up to a woman and grabbing her breast. She informed the bouncer who had a chat with him but didn’t remove him from the bar. He then proceeded to continue to grope other women who included … Continued

Positive outcomes!

I used to work front of house for a quirky South-London club, where I encountered all kinds of harassment situations on a weekly basis. Some of them I laughed off, some of them I didn’t. I was very good friends with the head of security, who used to take very good care of us and … Continued


About 2 months ago as I was promoting my club night at a club which I also work at this guy groped me quite heavily as I walked past him. I turned around just in time to see him withdraw his hand and went up to ask what the fuck he was doing. He was … Continued