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Cycling harassment

Cycling into work, I was stopped at a traffic light amongst other cyclists (all males) and plenty of other people in cars walking around on their way into work too. Two men walk past me and start slowing down, saying this to me and looking at me very suggestively and making me very uncomfortable. I … Continued

Clapham Spitter

I was cycling to the bicycle repair shop and was going along at top speed on a gorgeous morning. A man cycling in the opposite direction spat at me as we passed. I was instantly shocked then slammed on the breaks shouting loudly COME ON! The road was empty apart from us, so I stood … Continued

Groped by passing cyclists

New submission from Nina I was walking past the roundabout at just after midnight on a Friday night when three teenagers (judging by their voices) cycled past on the road. I didn’t think anything of it til I saw them circle round and cycle on to the pavement where I was, and two of them … Continued

Goodbye. FUCK YOU

I was riding my bike on the sidewalk by the New Cross Dental Practice and a man yelled “hello! Good morning! Never mind. Goodbye. FUCK YOU” I didn’t look at him at all.

“F*cking bitch, I am going to f*ck you!”

New submission from Julia I was out for a bicycle ride on a Sunday afternoon, around 5:30pm. At some point I arrived at an intersection point and, as I realised I had taken the wrong street, turned back. There was a group of teenagers standing by the intersection, under a bridge. One of them got … Continued