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How dare you talk to me like that?

New Submission from Anonymous:   I was in Highbury Fields in Islington waiting to go running. Just waiting on my own for the rest of the running group to arrive. Guy walks past with headphones on and starts saying some explicit stuff about me what he’d like to do. I look up and he’s looking … Continued

Can’t Run in Peace

Two guys on Mopeds are stopped at a T junction that I’m waiting to cross at… I’m out on a run, 4K in, and I’m wearing running leggings (not that it should matter) As they turn in next to me, one of these guys (look like a teenager) pretends to wank himself off as his … Continued

‘shake that ass beautiful’

New submission from Sam Was just heading back to my department after a jog this morning (so in sweaty workout gear). Literally got wolf whistled down the road. There’s a few workmen at the working site right next to the station. Did not feel like confronting them as there were three. Suffice to say, ‘shake … Continued


New submission from Mary While I was half-jogging to an appointment, a man motorcycling towards me down the street slowed down, lifted his helmet and yelled “NICE ASS!” in my general direction before promptly speeding away. If he saw my “ass” before yelling this at me, it must have only been for approximately 2 seconds, … Continued

Runaway creep

New submission from Lucy Carter I was running this Sunday morning. I ran past a man on a bench, who looked quite peaceful. He shouted out “you have a moist pussy”. I was really surprised – it came from nowhere, and I found myself shouting back “You’re a cunt”. He said again “you have a … Continued