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“Men do not own our bodies” – harassment, exposure and rape threat

My story took place nearly 4 years ago, but still shakes me to the core this day. I’m originally from the US and prior to moving to the UK hadn’t really experienced any form of street harrassment except for the occasional honking from men in passing cars. When I moved to London, I was floored … Continued

He was touching himself

New Submission from Anon I was coming home from university today on the tube. An older man in his late 40s or 50s got on and sat directly opposite me. There were plenty of other seats available. I was three stops away from my destination and this part of the train was almost empty, there … Continued

a man exposed himself to me on the Bakerloo Line

Last night for the second time in my life a man exposed himself to me on the Bakerloo Line, London Underground and proceeded to masturbate. It was just me and this ill excuse of a man present on the carriage. I felt violated, scared and damn right angry. The last time this happened I reported … Continued

Can’t Run in Peace

Two guys on Mopeds are stopped at a T junction that I’m waiting to cross at… I’m out on a run, 4K in, and I’m wearing running leggings (not that it should matter) As they turn in next to me, one of these guys (look like a teenager) pretends to wank himself off as his … Continued

Masturbating while asking for directions

New submission from Hannah It was 6pm during the summer (so it was still light outside) and I am walking home from a school meeting which I was at. As I was walking down the road 5 minutes away from my house a car pulled over. Me being a nice person stopped and there was … Continued