Category: Photographing

Photographing women on the tube

New Submission from Anonymous:   I just saw a man taking several indecent photos of this poor woman without her knowledge. I also have a photo of his face if you can tell me where to send it to avoid him doing this to other women.

Creepy Monday to you all!

New submission from Lydia Ew, this morning I was waiting at the lights to cross into the station when this silver midlife mobile car with darkened windows slowed down as it passed me. It took a moment for me to realise that the passenger in the front had stuck a massive-ass camera out of the … Continued

Photographed by creep on the bus

New submission from Anna I was on my way to work on the bus, sitting at the back where the seats face each other. I was chatting to my sister not watching what the other passengers where doing, but was suddenly aware that the guy sitting in front of me had held his phone level … Continued

‘He said “taking a picture of you babe”‘

New submission from Daniela I was walking to this office and saw a man taking a photo of me and asked him what he was doing. He said “taking a picture of you babe” and laughed. I then asked him to delete it. He laughed and ran away. [got_back]