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“Men do not own our bodies” – harassment, exposure and rape threat

My story took place nearly 4 years ago, but still shakes me to the core this day. I’m originally from the US and prior to moving to the UK hadn’t really experienced any form of street harrassment except for the occasional honking from men in passing cars. When I moved to London, I was floored … Continued

Thanks guy in white car

Submitted by Lucy I was recently walking down Wapping Lane just near Discovery Walk when four teenage boys walked up the steps from the canal as I was passing.  One of them screamed “I’m going to fuck you” and I ran.  The one who had yelled chased me – the others were laughing at me.  A … Continued

Homerton Loser

I was walking out of a shop on Homerton High Street On May 19th at about 4pm and the traffic was moving super slow giving everyone plenty of bored staring time. This big old dread starts hollering at me in the most disgusting way saying and gesturing with his hands how “I LOOVE YOUR SHAPE … Continued