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“Give me your number anyway”

New submission from Laura. This freaked me out slightly as it was the first time I’d been followed by someone. I was walking into the Sainsburys on Clapham high street when this guy fell in step with me and started asking how I was etc. He then followed me into Sainsburys and said he would … Continued

“You’re gorgeous, did your mother ever tell you that?”

New submission from CR I walked into Tesco and the security guard approached me and said “you’re gorgeous, did your mother ever tell you that” in a very leery way I said “Excuse me what did you just say? Could you NOT talk to me like that” quite cross He replied “Errrrr I’m only joking … Continued

“We should try them on together”

New submission from Lucy. Took items clothing into the changing room at the Uniqlo in Stratford Westfields, only to be followed by man on duty who then followed me into the changing room, closed the curtain and informed me we should “try them on together”. After telling him to get out I then went to … Continued

Portobello Road Pervert

New submission from Leonie I went into this chocolate shop/cafe on Portobello Road in my lunchbreak at the beginning of February this year, ironically called Casa Nova. I went in and was being chatty with the male 60s-ish proprietor and two other women who were in there about what they recommended buying. The first comment … Continued

Lewd shopkeeper in Clapham

New submission from Morgan I went into a keycutting shop to get a new set of keys and when I walked in, I made small talk with the man behind the counter. I commented on how they sold everything, from shoes, to keys, to condoms. He decided that it was then okay to spend the … Continued