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Some East end highlights

Can’t sleep after having read an article about Hollaback and the growing anti street harrassment movement on the Guardian website, which has brought a lot of deeply buried memories to the surface… It’s been happening to me on a monthly basis for the past 10 years and I’m seriously running out of patience. But anyway, … Continued

Since moving to London..

Since moving to London 4 months ago I’ve experienced sexual harassment like no other, in the countryside this has never happened to me, I’m 17. One night I was coming home from my cousins with my twin and little brother and this guy slows down on his bike and starts asking us these questions like … Continued

Clapham High Street Stalker

Having had a pretty rough week and was feeling fragile anyway, I decided to embrace the sunshine and take a book down to the common to sort my head out. As I was walking down the high street a man caught my eye, said something I didn’t catch. I kept walking but for a brief … Continued