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He got right into my space

New Submission from M: Walking home from a drink with some friends and this taxi driver walked up to me and got right into my space. He said “hello beautiful you look real sexy”. I ignored him because I was on my own and there wasn’t anyone nearby. As I walked past he shouted “what … Continued

Uber driver harassment

New submission from Anna If you order an Uber and are allocated the driver with license plate E060 XNF, then CANCEL the trip immediately. I was walking to the tube station alone, and I was harassed on the street by this man, asking me to get in my car and offering to take me where … Continued

Taxi Fears..

My experiences, and that of my friends, with cab drivers in the last year in London has meant I actually feel safer on the night bus when I’m alone, even though i have to walk down a mostly deserted street in the dark to get to my front door. It started when I saw a … Continued

No Tip for You, Leering Cabbie..

A week ago, struggling with a huge suitcase and desperate to get to work on time, I hailed a black cab near Angel station, Islington. The driver seemed chatty but harmless enough, talking about the area and places he knew. But before long I started to feel uncomfortable that his eyes kept darting back into … Continued