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Tube Masturbation

I was on the central line with my friend going to Ealing Broadway from the centre of London. At some point a man got on and sat directly in front of us and began staring at us in a way which made me uncomfortable. 3 stops from Ealing Broadway, the rest of the people in … Continued

Groped on train to work

Another morning, another bloody delay to my (already pretty bleak) commute to work. I open my phone and then Twitter to script yet another 140 characters, enlightening my local train service and my 10 followers to all the ways the disruption they have brought to my morning will completely s*** over the remainder of my … Continued

Woman singled out at Lewisham station

I was in platform 3 when a young woman was walking past. As she approached I heard a young man’s voice shout “urgh, she’s ugly” and he was pointing to her from platform 4. I asked her if she knew him (ashamedly, I thought it might be two friends fooling around) and she said no. … Continued

Unwarranted, sexualised comments aren’t “just compliments”

New submission from Rebecca: Walking to the train station at about 8am this morning, a man leered at me with the comment ‘sexy dress’. He wasn’t impressed when I didn’t respond positively. Left me feeling angry and embarrassed – unwarranted, sexualised comments aren’t “just compliments”, they’re degrading and upsetting.

He was touching himself

New Submission from Anon I was coming home from university today on the tube. An older man in his late 40s or 50s got on and sat directly opposite me. There were plenty of other seats available. I was three stops away from my destination and this part of the train was almost empty, there … Continued

Assaulted for standing up for herself

New submission from Michelle I got on the train to go home, and took a seat. The guy sitting behind me started to kick me – the back of my left foot (ankle). He did this a few times, and I stood up to ask him to stop. He said I had knocked him as … Continued

Man offers to flash his genitals to stop hiccups

I was waiting for the overground at Camden Road and I had hiccups. A man sat next to me and told me he could cure my hiccups by exposing his genitals and shocking me. I replied I would rather have hiccups. He laughed and joked with the man sitting on the bench near us. He … Continued