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Groped on the Northern Line this morning.

Groped on the Northern line this morning. I was standing with a group of people for around 15 minutes as we waited at Kings Cross for a train that could fit us on, which makes me feel pretty sick because it must have been one of them and it feels extremely pre-meditated. As we squished … Continued

I’m not a decoration for your world

New submission from Miranda I’m a Hollaback site leader in Oxford, yet every time I’m harassed I still feel shocked and annoyed with myself for not having amazing comebacks to whoever is harassing me. I was just at Baker Street station waiting for the tube. A man came over to me and said “Smile”. I … Continued

Spitting creep hanging out around Whitechapel station

New submission from anon A few weeks ago I was waiting for my sister outside of Whitechapel tube, wearing sunglasses and headphones and standing by myself. Suddenly I was aware of someone up close in my personal space so I looked up (usually I avoid making eye contact while waiting as it more often than … Continued

Hollaback in action

New submission from Fiona Walked into the train station behind a woman. Man shouts “Oi, fit!” at her. She confronts him about his behaviour, telling him he should keep his opinion of people’s bodies to himself. He tells her she should be grateful for the compliment and he has a “right to his own opinion.” … Continued

a man exposed himself to me on the Bakerloo Line

Last night for the second time in my life a man exposed himself to me on the Bakerloo Line, London Underground and proceeded to masturbate. It was just me and this ill excuse of a man present on the carriage. I felt violated, scared and damn right angry. The last time this happened I reported … Continued

Northern Line

I was travelling on my usual route home from Tottenham Court road underground station on the Northern line around 18:45 in the evening yesterday when a man groped my bum. It was so crowded on the train that I didn’t realise at first, and misunderstood him rubbing against me as fighting for personal space. So … Continued

#wherearetheposters A Project Guardian Update

Would this harrowing story of harassment on a London bus, submitted to this blog last month by Gemma, 16 year old, have been different if she had seen a poster on the bus telling her she could text 61016 to report what happened?   If she had felt confident in speaking to the driver because they … Continued