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“No one took any notice”

I was verbally harassed in a busy supermarket by two men who made comments about my appearance and then called me rude for not responding to them – nobody in the store took any notice

Harassment at the Gym

My gym is near here and actually several times I’ve had unwanted male comments about my body. Often by delivery drivers who come up to you directly like they are asking for directions only to say ‘you are so ..woo damn!’. I usually respond tell them ‘f*** you’. I know not ideal but I get … Continued

Man stopped to watch me at bus stop

So standing at a bus stop is an everyday occurrence and it is not unusual for people to look at each other at a bus stop. What makes this different? This man subtly blocked my path to walk behind the bus stop, thus I decided to walk in front of the bus stop. Again, crowded … Continued

Harassment when running

As I was running home from home the other day a man got right up in my way. As I went to side step him, giving him the benefit of the doubt that he had got in my way accidentally, he said something gross like “hi there sexy”. It really made my skin crawl and … Continued

Verbal Abuse While Pregnant

Walking past notting hill gate station and three men call out at me. I turned to see them and one of them sticks his tongue out and was making a licking gesture saying I am sexy. I am almost 8 months pregnant. This made me feel extremely unsafe. There were several other people in the street … Continued