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I feel scared and sick

On Holland Road at 9.10 a truck went past blowing a clown whistle smiling and laughing at me. They didn’t do it to anyone else on the busy street. Still reeling from it a truck driver shouted at me telling me I was sexy. I’m not dressed provocatively at all. Even if I was still … Continued

He got right into my space

New Submission from M: Walking home from a drink with some friends and this taxi driver walked up to me and got right into my space. He said “hello beautiful you look real sexy”. I ignored him because I was on my own and there wasn’t anyone nearby. As I walked past he shouted “what … Continued

He was touching himself

New Submission from Anon I was coming home from university today on the tube. An older man in his late 40s or 50s got on and sat directly opposite me. There were plenty of other seats available. I was three stops away from my destination and this part of the train was almost empty, there … Continued

I felt empowered to respond

New submission from Jess Today, walking along the street in east London, a stranger (male) said, in the tone I use to address animals, “Hello, how are you?” Relatively harmless I know, but I turned around and in a loud voice said, “How dare you!” He then turned round to look at me. I said, … Continued