Category: Verbal

“Smile Beautiful”

I was walking home and some guy screamed to me smile beautiful and I said f**k off. First of all it was raining and I was carrying five bags of groceries, and I should smile just to make you happy? No no no and no again. Everyone should mind their own business…

I no longer feel comfortable walking 5 minutes

I was walking to the train station in a residential area in the middle of the day. I had my headphones in and noticed a car slowing down to keep pace with me. The driver of the car began catcalling me, and I continued to ignore him. When he asked if I spoke English, I … Continued

I am angry

I was walking near Highbury Fields on the way to a friend’s apartment when a man began to follow me, shouting lewd comments. He sped up to catch up with me and invaded in my personal space, asking for my name and if I had a boyfriend and why I was ‘being such a b***h’ … Continued

I Feel so Upset and Unsafe

Followed and shouted at by a complete stranger on the street opposite Waterloo station who persistently tried to talk me. Had a male family member come out of a shop and help, otherwise I don’t know how I could have gotten it to stop. Didn’t feel like any bystanders would intervene. I can’t sleep right … Continued

He made a noise

Last night, whilst walking into Charing Cross Station, a man in his late 20s made a comment/noise as my partner and I walked past. We turned around to give a disgusted look but continued walking on. He then said something horrific.

New Submission

3 times this week I have been harassed by men when out walking alone minding my own business. In Regents park two men said where you from, where you from you look Russian, then trying to ask how I am. Another one saying hello, when I didn’t respond why do you look so miserable. How rude. Today I was … Continued

Hey hey hey hey

9:30at night. No one on the street except the man walking towards me, and myself. Because I didnt go out of my way to avoid him by crossing the street, this man decides to shout out to me after I walk past ‘Hey hey hey hey, you are my friend, hey hey hey.’ I continue … Continued

Aged 15.

Aged 15 (but looking much younger) walking with my mother eating an ice lolly; some idiot screams “look at the suck on that!” I was (still am) mortified.