Category: Victim blaming

I felt Threatened and Humiliated

Walking past the Crossrail site at the top of Soho square where three of their workmen (in Crossrail uniform) were lurking by the entrance of the site all leered at me and sniggered “lady” “cutie” I felt threatened and humiliated and also kind of helpless because I knew they would laugh harder if I confronted … Continued

She told me I’d made a poor judgement and silly mistake

New submission from phone app I went to my gp the day after I was assaulted after I booked appointment with the UNI counselling service for the following week. I was desperate to talk to someone before then. I cried and told her what happened; that it was stopping me from sleeping an working and … Continued

What did I do to deserve this? Nothing.

New submission from Jas Dhillon I was walking home at around 6.30pm down a busy road. As I walked past a young man he began whistling, when I ignored him he then said ‘Oi’, followed by ‘Oi baby, sexy’. At that point I had enough and told him to ‘F off’. Low and behold, an … Continued