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Sexual Harassment and Flashbacks

I’ve experienced various forms of sexual harassment in the past, as a teenager and in young adulthood, today I’m sharing a story of workplace assault that occurred at WWF UK HQ in summer 2015 at the age of 24 (assistant position). A fluctuating performance and lack of engagement resulted in a premature probation period failure. … Continued

“I felt so tiny in that moment”

Today I learned the word ‘gunt’. I’m not entirely sure what it means, but I heard it from the chefs who work in the canteen I serve at. They were sitting in the corner of the room, cackling and whispering to each other while I wiped down the tables. I could only hear snippets of … Continued

Publicly sexually harassed at a conference

New submission from Blair Barnette Blair is a Londoner who recently reached out to Hollaback to share her story after being harassed at an event in the Netherlands. Her story demonstrates how normalized and ignored harassment can be, even in a professional setting. Thank you for sharing your story, Blair. Hello, I wanted to send … Continued

“I’d Buy You”

Walking into the job centre, wearing denim shorts, converses and a vest top. A male approx 25-30 years walked out and past me saying ‘Ooh. You look nice. I’d buy you.’

Harassed every day at work

New submission from Katerina Literally happened just now. I was on my way home when 2 guys passed me and said “Hello, sweetie” and started blowing kisses. I work as a massage therapist in a busy shopping center and every single day we have men asking for “happy ending” or “home service”. All the girls … Continued

Library Stalker

I work in a public library. A guy comes in and perves on one of our Saturday assistants. Hands her his name and numbner and stares. Once challenged, he leaves. He comes back the next day, follows her to her car. *when the management are informed* they say she should have called the police as … Continued

Harassment Week

No no, Hallmark has not decided to conjour up another pointless holiday designed to lure you into buying crappy, unnecessary paraphernalia, it is in fact this weeks genre. An entire week of being harassed, and what a joy it has been. It started on Tuesday with some road workers as I waited at the traffic … Continued

Hollaback in the Office..

Just got verbally/visually ‘appreciated’ by a staff member from another department at work. Letter went straight to their manager (below) and much respect for the manager, who came straight over to discuss it, apologise, and assure me that the person in question would be getting a ‘talking to’. Second Hollaback in a week – both … Continued