Holla ULU

Hollaback ULU – University of London Union is our brand new sister site, a London wide cross campus program to tackle sexual harassment on campuses. It calls for Universities and Students’ unions to sign up to the Hollaback! ULU charter. We’re really excited to be working with ULU Women’s Officer Susuana Antubam who is heading up this campus-based project with the following aims in mind:

1. Zero Tolerance – We have a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment of anyone in any student spaces, including on campus, the surrounding areas of campus and online.

2. Hollaback! No student, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race or ability should have deal with sexual harassment in silence. Our reporting and disciplinary systems aim to be as clear, efficient and accessible as possible.

3. NO to victim blaming YES to Supportive services – We believe in supporting students who have been sexually harassed and providing training for members of staff to deal with situations involving sexual harassment efficiently.

Hollaback ULU aims to work with Universities and Student Unions to combat sexual harassment on campus, create a zero tolerance culture, encouraging victims to ‘hollaback’ using clear and accessible reporting systems – to say no to victim blaming and yes to support services. It also involves improving methods of reporting sexual harassment and giving the tools to students and staff on campuses to give better support to victims and tackle campus specific issues head on.

Get in touch for more information – [email protected]