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Tube Masturbation

I was on the central line with my friend going to Ealing Broadway from the centre of London. At some point a man got on and sat directly in front of us and began staring at us in a way which made me uncomfortable. 3 stops from Ealing Broadway, the rest of the people in … Continued

Hey hey hey hey

9:30at night. No one on the street except the man walking towards me, and myself. Because I didnt go out of my way to avoid him by crossing the street, this man decides to shout out to me after I walk past ‘Hey hey hey hey, you are my friend, hey hey hey.’ I continue … Continued

Aged 15.

Aged 15 (but looking much younger) walking with my mother eating an ice lolly; some idiot screams “look at the suck on that!” I was (still am) mortified.

Pedestrian Intimidation

At a pedestrian crossing a man in a car that had stopped as I crossed shouted out his window that I was a “stupid c**t”.

Harassed by a street performer

I was harassed by a “Street Performer” on London’s South Bank. In between his magic act he thinks it’s funny to shout at lone females who are unfortunate enough to be passing. I don’t know why bullying and harassing women is entertainment for tourists. It makes me sad and angry on the inside.

“I heard a beep”

I heard a vehicle beep as I was walking along a quiet street with my dog, and ignored it.

Harassed for having short hair

I’ve had short hair for many years. I’m not trying to make any kind of statement, it’s just a practical decision – my hair is thick and heavy, and is difficult to control. Plus, I think short hair suits me. But some men seem to think that I choose to have short hair to undermine … Continued