Recently Shared Stories

Catcalling from a van

My friend and I experienced inexcusable catcalling from 2 men in a van, driving the opposite direction from where we were walking. I haven’t experienced this in a long time in Durham and it just reminded me how some people still think it’s acceptable to shout at me from the safety of their vehicle. It’s … Continued

“Hello Darling”

Last evening around 8:10pm while I was heading towards the bus stop ( Powis Garden stop BP) in Notting Hill, three men standing in a corner passed ridiculous comments, one of them said “Hello darling” right when I was about to cross them, I didn’t look at them and kept walking on, right after I … Continued


I was walking on Euston Road, and a random guy standing on the road screaming at me. I tried to ignore him, but he followed me and hit my bag and then left.

“Someone stroked between my legs”

I walked out my house to go to work on a Friday morning 8:05am wearing jeans. Walked past someone going the other way. Next thing I know I feel someone stroke between my legs and up my arse and I turn around to see him picking up his phone and smirking at me. I didn’t … Continued

Sexual Harassment and Flashbacks

I’ve experienced various forms of sexual harassment in the past, as a teenager and in young adulthood, today I’m sharing a story of workplace assault that occurred at WWF UK HQ in summer 2015 at the age of 24 (assistant position). A fluctuating performance and lack of engagement resulted in a premature probation period failure. … Continued

Yeah right

I visited my friend at uni last Halloween, and we went out to a nightclub. On the way there I walked past a man who kept looking at me, and as I passed him I heard “sexy”. I flew into a rage, and he thought I would believe he was “talking to his friend”.

Cycling harassment

Cycling into work, I was stopped at a traffic light amongst other cyclists (all males) and plenty of other people in cars walking around on their way into work too. Two men walk past me and start slowing down, saying this to me and looking at me very suggestively and making me very uncomfortable. I … Continued

Man stopped to watch me at bus stop

So standing at a bus stop is an everyday occurrence and it is not unusual for people to look at each other at a bus stop. What makes this different? This man subtly blocked my path to walk behind the bus stop, thus I decided to walk in front of the bus stop. Again, crowded … Continued

It was embarrassing because it was in front of everyone

I was walking home at about 5:30 and a guy looked me up and down when he walked past me and then yelled “you’re peng” to me. My stomach turned and I couldn’t even dare to look behind me to give him a glare. It was embarrassing because it was in front of everyone.