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Back in April during the middle of lockdown, I was heading back from the park to the nearby supermarket. On my way there, a short bald man approached me and grazed my shoulder in public, whispering ‘HI’ in my ear. I was taken by surprised and felt like chasing him / responding but I shut … Continued

PUBLIC HARASSMENT: Harassed three times walking home

Me and a friend came out of ealing tube station around 12am after having a drink in Central London. We were met by a man running up to us and asking for a hug. We walked away quickly and said no firmly. He walked after us with his arms wide shouting ‘give me a hug’ … Continued


I’ve been followed by a group of men two times in the last week, following me into the tube station, commenting about my body, threatening rape and I’ve had to report it to the police. Transport for London (Tfl) staff had to escort me onto the tube and accompany me. I don’t know about anybody … Continued

PUBLIC HARASSMENT: [Verbal threat]

White, young man with an English accent shouted “excuse me” after me. I was going to ignore him. Then he pretended to ask for directions to Hackney. I pointed a direction. Then asked me if I’m single and started walking towards me. I asked him to stop harassing me. He continued inching closer while I … Continued


Out on my morning run, minding my own business when a car full of men decided to honk at me and shout abusive things. I am so bored of being harassed when I’m simply trying to live my life. It really makes me feel like giving up on running all together. [got_back]


I was walking at a brisk pace to the tube station, rounding the corner of Hammersmith Rd across from St. Paul’s at 19:20 on a Tuesday, when a man came up to me from behind, touched my arm and asked “Where are you from?” I whipped my head around to look at him and asked … Continued

“No one took any notice”

I was verbally harassed in a busy supermarket by two men who made comments about my appearance and then called me rude for not responding to them – nobody in the store took any notice

Harassment at the Gym

My gym is near here and actually several times I’ve had unwanted male comments about my body. Often by delivery drivers who come up to you directly like they are asking for directions only to say ‘you are so ..woo damn!’. I usually respond tell them ‘f*** you’. I know not ideal but I get … Continued

“Smile Beautiful”

I was walking home and some guy screamed to me smile beautiful and I said f**k off. First of all it was raining and I was carrying five bags of groceries, and I should smile just to make you happy? No no no and no again. Everyone should mind their own business…

Misogyny as a Hate Crime?

Today MPs will debate again on whether upskirting should be a crime – and in doing so they will also vote on a proposed amendment that would make misogyny an aggravating factor in these criminal cases in England and Wales; a move that would allow courts to consider misogyny when passing sentences. If approved,  some … Continued