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Men thinking they can get away with anything

I was walking down the street, minding my own business. I hear what I can describe as a loud ‘fake orgasm’ scream, I turn around and I see three men in a car. Dark hair, in their mid or late 30s. I ask them “Are you serious?”. They stare at me and then laugh in … Continued

Hollaback in action

New submission from Fiona Walked into the train station behind a woman. Man shouts “Oi, fit!” at her. She confronts him about his behaviour, telling him he should keep his opinion of people’s bodies to himself. He tells her she should be grateful for the compliment and he has a “right to his own opinion.” … Continued

These two upstanding members of society took a photo of me

New submission from Jen These two upstanding members of society took a photo of me, and then my husband, on a Piccadilly line train on Saturday evening. When I asked loudly if they’d got a good picture, they got embarrassed and starting arguing with both of us, refusing to hand us the phone to look … Continued

I was too scared to move or say anything to him

New submission from phone app I’m 16 years old an yesterday I made the 10 hr journey from one end of the country to the other, and at the end of my journey I had this man constantly staring at me. Made me so uncomfortable but I was too scared to move or say anything … Continued


New submission from Mary While I was half-jogging to an appointment, a man motorcycling towards me down the street slowed down, lifted his helmet and yelled “NICE ASS!” in my general direction before promptly speeding away. If he saw my “ass” before yelling this at me, it must have only been for approximately 2 seconds, … Continued

I am 13.

New submission from Lola I am 13. I was walking down the street near a tube station when I heard someone shout something behind me. I couldn’t make out what/who it was so I turned around. There was a young man, maybe in his 20s and his friend sitting on the corner, and the guy … Continued