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Police Intervention

The house next door to my flat were having renovation work done to the interior and exterior of the property, which meant there were many different contractors on and off site throughout the time, all of which could not resist making comments. On one occasion on of the builders was sitting on the wall alongside … Continued

You can make a change by uniting!

Daily street harassment in the tube, some guys started making faces and waving and harassing comments at me from the moment I stepped into the tube; they did the same to a girl that entered the tube just after me; and when the girl sitting in front of me raised her head and started saying “they’ve … Continued

Woman singled out at Lewisham station

I was in platform 3 when a young woman was walking past. As she approached I heard a young man’s voice shout “urgh, she’s ugly” and he was pointing to her from platform 4. I asked her if she knew him (ashamedly, I thought it might be two friends fooling around) and she said no. … Continued

Photographing women on the tube

New Submission from Anonymous:   I just saw a man taking several indecent photos of this poor woman without her knowledge. I also have a photo of his face if you can tell me where to send it to avoid him doing this to other women.

‘You are my girlfriend’

New submission from Buffy: This man wandered across the road to tell me I was his girlfriend. So I got my camera out to try to film him, he circled the bus stop a bit. I shouted out hello to a lady walking past, who asked if I wanted to walk with her. She then … Continued

Be an active bystander in toxic times

The Hollaback London Collective stands in full solidarity with those experiencing racialised, xenophobic harassment on our streets, both since the EU Referendum result and since, well, forever. While heightened anti-migrant sentiment is creating an especially toxic environment, we must remember that street harassment is a daily reality regardless of current political developments, and women and … Continued

Bystander intervention

I was sitting next to a young woman (like me) on the bus. She had long, blonde braids. A guy got on the bus, sat in the seat in front of ours and turned around to stare. At first he just stared at her for a minute, but then he started to say “Hey gorgeous, … Continued