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“Come over here”

New submission from Anonymous: A man standing by himself at a darkened street corner thinks I am going to go over and liaise with him simply because he says so?

Harassed by G4S and others

I am a multi-survivor which I tried to report to the police but it was awful. I am regularly harassed at home for activism by G4S & others. If I go out alone I am harassed by men who work in restaurants, that take drugs & drink & try to grab me & take me … Continued

Men thinking they can get away with anything

I was walking down the street, minding my own business. I hear what I can describe as a loud ‘fake orgasm’ scream, I turn around and I see three men in a car. Dark hair, in their mid or late 30s. I ask them “Are you serious?”. They stare at me and then laugh in … Continued

Assaulted for standing up for herself

New submission from Michelle I got on the train to go home, and took a seat. The guy sitting behind me started to kick me – the back of my left foot (ankle). He did this a few times, and I stood up to ask him to stop. He said I had knocked him as … Continued

Hollaback in action

New submission from Fiona Walked into the train station behind a woman. Man shouts “Oi, fit!” at her. She confronts him about his behaviour, telling him he should keep his opinion of people’s bodies to himself. He tells her she should be grateful for the compliment and he has a “right to his own opinion.” … Continued

I felt empowered to respond

New submission from Jess Today, walking along the street in east London, a stranger (male) said, in the tone I use to address animals, “Hello, how are you?” Relatively harmless I know, but I turned around and in a loud voice said, “How dare you!” He then turned round to look at me. I said, … Continued

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Hollaback London HQ!

Since launching our Good Night Out campaign nearly three weeks ago, it’s been pretty non stop here! So we thought we’d fill you in on what we’ve been up to, as well as what we’ve got coming up. • Lots of interviews! Head over to our press page where we’re adding all the press coverage … Continued