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Now instead of me, it’s my child

Recently I took my 14 year old daughter on a trip. It was her first trip to the theatre as mother and daughter. As we were walking up to the venue a man around my age, I’m 39, was sat on a step outside one of the pubs on his phone. My daughter was wearing … Continued

It made me feel disgusting

I was walking home around 7pm a few days ago on the hottest day of the year, wearing a short skirt to deal with the heat. I was in my own little world, texting, when I realised someone was walking towards me. I ignored it, knowing that men around my area often harass women verbally. … Continued

He followed me to the platform

New submission from anonymous: Trying to get on central line, a man who had been watching me at the bottom of the stairs stood in the middle of the board I was trying to read facing me, looking me up and down asking my age and telling me we were the same age I ignored … Continued

Verbally harassed most mornings

New submission from Lydia   Three creepy men in their late 20’s- mid 30’s routinely verbally harass and leer at me when we pass each other most mornings. They look kind of rough so I’m too scared to say anything but I hope they trip down a tall flight of stairs when nobody else is … Continued