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“Men have to acknowledge our autonomy to say no”

I was recently in a club with a couple of friends without my partner. A guy made a number of attempts to dance with me (perhaps I should say into me?) from which I politely declined, by moving away. Though the music was too loud for words, presumably he understood this to mean ‘try harder’, … Continued

One of them proceeded to grab my butt.

New submission from Anonymous. I left a club in Shoreditch and was walking to find another one around 2am. My friends and I were unsuccessful at finding one we liked, so we walked back to the club we originally started at, because our friend was working there and we wanted to meet up. About a … Continued

Nightclub groper ignored by bouncer

New submission from Meg A man was wandering around the dance floor groping women. One incident involved him going up to a woman and grabbing her breast. She informed the bouncer who had a chat with him but didn’t remove him from the bar. He then proceeded to continue to grope other women who included … Continued


About 2 months ago as I was promoting my club night at a club which I also work at this guy groped me quite heavily as I walked past him. I turned around just in time to see him withdraw his hand and went up to ask what the fuck he was doing. He was … Continued

1+1, we need more men?

A friend and I were recently at The Monarch for Soundtracks night enjoying my last weekend in London before I jetted back home to Oz. We had been inside less than 5 minutes before one “gentleman” had asked me if he could dance with my friend. Response – “you should probably ask her”. When her … Continued

Pay for Club entry, get groped for free!

t’s 6am on New Years day and I’m still awake (and sober) from the night before looking up my legal rights after being groped in a club by a nasty piece of work. When I called out the guy with a “WTF??!”, he stared straight back at me and said “What…what are you going to … Continued