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How dare you talk to me like that?

New Submission from Anonymous:   I was in Highbury Fields in Islington waiting to go running. Just waiting on my own for the rest of the running group to arrive. Guy walks past with headphones on and starts saying some explicit stuff about me what he’d like to do. I look up and he’s looking … Continued

Harassed in Regent’s Park

New submission from Amanda We were in Regent’s Park on a bench off the main traffic area having a quiet discussion when a male came over and asked if he could sit in the space in between my (female) tutor and I (female). The space was about a foot. My tutor gave him a soft … Continued

In the end I left in tears

New submission from Ruth I was sunbathing in a park wearing a hat and casual sundress, sitting on a blanket with my headphones on and reading a book. It was in a very secluded (and pretty!) bit in the no-dogs meadow area behind some trees. It could not have been more obvious that I wanted … Continued