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I could feel his body heat against my leg

New Submission from L: I was traveling on the 1 bus towards Holborn when a man boarded around St. George Circus. It was 11:40am on New Year’s Eve. Plenty of other vacant double seats for him to sit in but he sat next to me. Almost as soon as he sat down, his thigh started … Continued

Groped on the Northern Line this morning.

Groped on the Northern line this morning. I was standing with a group of people for around 15 minutes as we waited at Kings Cross for a train that could fit us on, which makes me feel pretty sick because it must have been one of them and it feels extremely pre-meditated. As we squished … Continued

Groped on Kenton Road

New Submission from Anon I was walking down Kenton road, Harrow (N/W London) in the evening time and walked past a man who I didn’t even make eye contact with and he reached out and touched my breast. I literally lost it I was screaming at him in the street, I kicked him up the … Continued