Tag: physical harassment

Groped on the Northern Line this morning.

Groped on the Northern line this morning. I was standing with a group of people for around 15 minutes as we waited at Kings Cross for a train that could fit us on, which makes me feel pretty sick because it must have been one of them and it feels extremely pre-meditated. As we squished … Continued

Groped on Kenton Road

New Submission from Anon I was walking down Kenton road, Harrow (N/W London) in the evening time and walked past a man who I didn’t even make eye contact with and he reached out and touched my breast. I literally lost it I was screaming at him in the street, I kicked him up the … Continued

Publicly sexually harassed at a conference

New submission from Blair Barnette Blair is a Londoner who recently reached out to Hollaback to share her story after being harassed at an event in the Netherlands. Her story demonstrates how normalized and ignored harassment can be, even in a professional setting. Thank you for sharing your story, Blair. Hello, I wanted to send … Continued

“It terrified me”

New submission from Anna W I was walking home from a netball game and someone came up behind me and grabbed my ass. I sort of squeaked – thinking it might have been a friend or my boyfriend (this is not acceptable behaviour but was the only thing I could think of). I turned around … Continued

Spitting creep hanging out around Whitechapel station

New submission from anon A few weeks ago I was waiting for my sister outside of Whitechapel tube, wearing sunglasses and headphones and standing by myself. Suddenly I was aware of someone up close in my personal space so I looked up (usually I avoid making eye contact while waiting as it more often than … Continued

Groped at Carnival

New submission from Anon: I was at Notting Hill Carnival this weekend and had been having such a great time. I was wearing what could be described as “skimpy” clothing but I literally thought nothing of it because a) I have the right to wear whatever I want, b) because I was with a massive … Continued

Assaulted for standing up for herself

New submission from Michelle I got on the train to go home, and took a seat. The guy sitting behind me started to kick me – the back of my left foot (ankle). He did this a few times, and I stood up to ask him to stop. He said I had knocked him as … Continued