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Still feeling sick and humiliated

New submission from Kate I was taking the train from London Bridge to Charing Cross – part of my daily commute and a journey on which I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It was a very hot day, around 8.30am, and the platform was extremely busy. As I got onto the train, a tall … Continued

New submission from Amal

This happened when I was about 12, and was not my first experience of sexual harassment. I had gone to a local funfair in my area with two of my female friends from my school; all the same age as each other. I’m a very cautious person re: the threat of men in public, for … Continued

Nightclub groper ignored by bouncer

New submission from Meg A man was wandering around the dance floor groping women. One incident involved him going up to a woman and grabbing her breast. She informed the bouncer who had a chat with him but didn’t remove him from the bar. He then proceeded to continue to grope other women who included … Continued

Portobello Road Pervert

New submission from Leonie I went into this chocolate shop/cafe on Portobello Road in my lunchbreak at the beginning of February this year, ironically called Casa Nova. I went in and was being chatty with the male 60s-ish proprietor and two other women who were in there about what they recommended buying. The first comment … Continued