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I am angry

I was walking near Highbury Fields on the way to a friend’s apartment when a man began to follow me, shouting lewd comments. He sped up to catch up with me and invaded in my personal space, asking for my name and if I had a boyfriend and why I was ‘being such a b***h’ … Continued

Police Intervention

The house next door to my flat were having renovation work done to the interior and exterior of the property, which meant there were many different contractors on and off site throughout the time, all of which could not resist making comments. On one occasion on of the builders was sitting on the wall alongside … Continued

“The police came round and cautioned them”

There were builders working on a house next door to my flat and every time I walked passed they always had to make some sort of comment. One day I got fed up. One builder was sitting on a small wall and another was sitting on the pavement when they whistled at me. I stopped, … Continued

Men thinking they can get away with anything

I was walking down the street, minding my own business. I hear what I can describe as a loud ‘fake orgasm’ scream, I turn around and I see three men in a car. Dark hair, in their mid or late 30s. I ask them “Are you serious?”. They stare at me and then laugh in … Continued