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Miserable morning commute

Last week I took the bus to work. It was busy, and I was forced to stand by the doors. A man got on behind me, and pressed himself up against me from behind. I turned around and he said sorry, like it was an accident, but I’ve been on busy buses before and never … Continued

He was touching himself

New Submission from Anon I was coming home from university today on the tube. An older man in his late 40s or 50s got on and sat directly opposite me. There were plenty of other seats available. I was three stops away from my destination and this part of the train was almost empty, there … Continued

I could feel his body heat against my leg

New Submission from L: I was traveling on the 1 bus towards Holborn when a man boarded around St. George Circus. It was 11:40am on New Year’s Eve. Plenty of other vacant double seats for him to sit in but he sat next to me. Almost as soon as he sat down, his thigh started … Continued

Groped on the Northern Line this morning.

Groped on the Northern line this morning. I was standing with a group of people for around 15 minutes as we waited at Kings Cross for a train that could fit us on, which makes me feel pretty sick because it must have been one of them and it feels extremely pre-meditated. As we squished … Continued

I’m not a decoration for your world

New submission from Miranda I’m a Hollaback site leader in Oxford, yet every time I’m harassed I still feel shocked and annoyed with myself for not having amazing comebacks to whoever is harassing me. I was just at Baker Street station waiting for the tube. A man came over to me and said “Smile”. I … Continued