Tag: public transport

Assaulted for standing up for herself

New submission from Michelle I got on the train to go home, and took a seat. The guy sitting behind me started to kick me – the back of my left foot (ankle). He did this a few times, and I stood up to ask him to stop. He said I had knocked him as … Continued

Hollaback in action

New submission from Fiona Walked into the train station behind a woman. Man shouts “Oi, fit!” at her. She confronts him about his behaviour, telling him he should keep his opinion of people’s bodies to himself. He tells her she should be grateful for the compliment and he has a “right to his own opinion.” … Continued

Accosted on the bus

New submission from Amber. I got onto a busy bus late in the evening at Elephant and Castle. Since there wasn’t much room I stood on the lower deck next the the stairs, and a man got onto the bus and stood next to me, in front of the stairs. The first time the bus … Continued

Groped trying to get home

New submission from Erica Louise. After a night out I got lost on the way home to my boyfriend’s house in Enfield taking an unfamiliar bus route and didn’t know where I was. A man pulled his car over to ‘help’ me, who told me he was “coked up” and I was really scared, but … Continued

Northern Line

I was travelling on my usual route home from Tottenham Court road underground station on the Northern line around 18:45 in the evening yesterday when a man groped my bum. It was so crowded on the train that I didn’t realise at first, and misunderstood him rubbing against me as fighting for personal space. So … Continued

Man offers to flash his genitals to stop hiccups

I was waiting for the overground at Camden Road and I had hiccups. A man sat next to me and told me he could cure my hiccups by exposing his genitals and shocking me. I replied I would rather have hiccups. He laughed and joked with the man sitting on the bench near us. He … Continued