Tag: sexual harassment

Being “graded” by men

Two men decided to “grade” me as I walked pass them. I do not care whether I am a six or a seven but I wish I had taken a picture of them so that I could have printed it out and posted it in the church they walked into.

Verbal Abuse While Pregnant

Walking past notting hill gate station and three men call out at me. I turned to see them and one of them sticks his tongue out and was makingĀ a licking gesture saying I am sexy. I am almost 8 months pregnant. This made me feel extremely unsafe. There were several other people in the street … Continued

Some guy asked me repeatedly for sex

  I’m not comfortable going into details, but I just wanted to let someone know, because this guy who thought I was 14 (underage! I’m actually not but that’s beside the point) asked me repeatedly for sex after I denied him. I eventually shook him off but he did follow me around a bit. It … Continued