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Some guy asked me repeatedly for sex

  I’m not comfortable going into details, but I just wanted to let someone know, because this guy who thought I was 14 (underage! I’m actually not but that’s beside the point) asked me repeatedly for sex after I denied him. I eventually shook him off but he did follow me around a bit. It … Continued

Miserable morning commute

Last week I took the bus to work. It was busy, and I was forced to stand by the doors. A man got on behind me, and pressed himself up against me from behind. I turned around and he said sorry, like it was an accident, but I’ve been on busy buses before and never … Continued

Groped on the Northern Line this morning.

Groped on the Northern line this morning. I was standing with a group of people for around 15 minutes as we waited at Kings Cross for a train that could fit us on, which makes me feel pretty sick because it must have been one of them and it feels extremely pre-meditated. As we squished … Continued

Groped on Kenton Road

New Submission from Anon I was walking down Kenton road, Harrow (N/W London) in the evening time and walked past a man who I didn’t even make eye contact with and he reached out and touched my breast. I literally lost it I was screaming at him in the street, I kicked him up the … Continued

Accosted on the bus

New submission from Amber. I got onto a busy bus late in the evening at Elephant and Castle. Since there wasn’t much room I stood on the lower deck next the the stairs, and a man got onto the bus and stood next to me, in front of the stairs. The first time the bus … Continued

Man offers to flash his genitals to stop hiccups

I was waiting for the overground at Camden Road and I had hiccups. A man sat next to me and told me he could cure my hiccups by exposing his genitals and shocking me. I replied I would rather have hiccups. He laughed and joked with the man sitting on the bench near us. He … Continued