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“You could’ve just smiled”

I was walking along on my lunch break, feeling a little down, and a bloke in a group yelled ‘Cheer up beautiful’. Now, him and his cronies weren’t exactly grinning their faces off. When I didn’t respond and kept walking he turned nasty and literally screamed insults down the street after me (‘fat slag’ ‘stuck … Continued

“Smile Love”

Stopped to get a stone out my shoe. Was leered at by a man in a car who blew me a kiss and then told me to “smile love”.

‘It was supposed to be a compliment’

New submission from Georgina: A couple of weeks ago I was walking through Soho when two men who were drinking at the side of the road started calling out at me. They made ‘WEEEEY!’ noises and one of them shouted ‘That’s the nicest rack I’ve seen in a while!’. I’ve experience street harassment before, usually … Continued