Tag: Staring

“He kept looking at me”

Last Tuesday evening around 6:30 on the 16 bus a man sitting in the seat behind me put his head close to behind my right shoulder to observe what I was searching on my phone. He then stood up and kept looking at me. I told him not to observe where I am travelling to … Continued

“Why do I have to Put up With This”

Two guys who speak stared at me when I walk up the footpath to Gunnersbury station. This is a regular occurrence at 7:30am in the morning. Today they blocked my path, made lewd gestures and said something I couldn’t understand. Thankfully, another man saw this happening and stopped to check I was okay. I am … Continued

Now instead of me, it’s my child

Recently I took my 14 year old daughter on a trip. It was her first trip to the theatre as mother and daughter. As we were walking up to the venue a man around my age, I’m 39, was sat on a step outside one of the pubs on his phone. My daughter was wearing … Continued