Tag: Street Harassment

“I said no”

Today was my first time to finish at 11pm. I was wearing a pair of red pants, a black t shirt and a black blazer, not even wearing makeup. I walked to the bus stop at Waterloo station, in front of KCL, and waited for the bus. Then a guy came and asked me if … Continued

“I was in pain and mortified”

I was walking to meet my boyfriend for lunch at a park, dressed in black trousers, a white top and black blazer. Coming in the opposite direction was a middle aged man with a golf umbrella. I was using my phone at the time but had spotted him ahead of me and knew where I … Continued

“The police came round and cautioned them”

There were builders working on a house next door to my flat and every time I walked passed they always had to make some sort of comment. One day I got fed up. One builder was sitting on a small wall and another was sitting on the pavement when they whistled at me. I stopped, … Continued

As he drove away I saw a baby on board sticker in his car

I was walking home after seeing some friends for dinner, it was relatively early and I was feeling really good. I’d had a lovely evening. And then as I was jamming away to my music this man curb crawled me, licked his lips, and said “beautiful”. I was just so angry at him for invading … Continued

Clapham Spitter

I was cycling to the bicycle repair shop and was going along at top speed on a gorgeous morning. A man cycling in the opposite direction spat at me as we passed. I was instantly shocked then slammed on the breaks shouting loudly COME ON! The road was empty apart from us, so I stood … Continued