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“Oh Come on Love, Let us Enjoy the View”

Two men in a white van made kissy noises at me while I rode past the van. When I told them to get lost one said, ‘oh come on love let us enjoy the view while we are stuck in traffic”. I yelled some more and said I  was going to report this sexual harassment. … Continued

I am 13.

New submission from Lola I am 13. I was walking down the street near a tube station when I heard someone shout something behind me. I couldn’t make out what/who it was so I turned around. There was a young man, maybe in his 20s and his friend sitting on the corner, and the guy … Continued

“Can I lick you”

A sweaty guy in a white anorack walked past us and barked something at me which sounded something like “I’d fix you” or “Can I lick you”

Young girls are facing this kind of abuse, without the confidence to “holla back”

What worries me is that I used to get a LOT more of this kind of abuse when I was a young teenager. A man groped me and followed me for 6 weeks on my morning walk to school when I was 13. He would try to grab me, tell me I was beautiful, that he loved me. After an investigation and some excellent work by the Sapphire unit of the Met, he was arrested and sentenced to 18 months (and banned from living in East London).