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Hollaback London and Project Guardian

We’re excited to announce that we have been working with TfL and British Transport Police on Project Guardian, a groundbreaking campaign to address and change how unwanted sexual behaviour that happens on their networks is dealt with. This includes tubes, overground trains and buses. Today they went public in the Guardian and so after months … Continued

Still feeling sick and humiliated

New submission from Kate I was taking the train from London Bridge to Charing Cross – part of my daily commute and a journey on which I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It was a very hot day, around 8.30am, and the platform was extremely busy. As I got onto the train, a tall … Continued

Can’t count the stares and leers I endure

New submission from Jen Saturday: 5 minutes since leaving the house, descending steps at Turnpike Lane station, with my husband a step or so behind me. Wolf-whistled at by a guy walking down the facing steps. Sunday: Walking up main road in Brixton, again with my husband. One of the men at a mobile phone … Continued

Piccadilly Line Pervert

I was on the Piccadilly line when this guy sat down next to me. He was kind of leery and kept trying to chat. I was friendly but evasive, continuing to look down at my kindle and try to read. He asked me where to change trains for the Central, and I told him to … Continued

New submission from Lili

I looked up from my copy of Game of Thrones to casually check the Overground route map overhead this evening (Mon 11th Feb) at around 17:30pm and across from me I happened to glance at a scruffy, smelly looking guy in his 30s who was hunched in his seat like a fatigued teenage schoolkid with … Continued

Groped getting home on the tube

I was on a central line tube home to East London one evening a few weeks ago. It was incredibly crowded as I got on and everyone was squashed together very tightly. As the tube moved away, I became aware of something pressing against my crotch. At first I thought it might be someone’s bag … Continued