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Woman singled out at Lewisham station

I was in platform 3 when a young woman was walking past. As she approached I heard a young man’s voice shout “urgh, she’s ugly” and he was pointing to her from platform 4. I asked her if she knew him (ashamedly, I thought it might be two friends fooling around) and she said no. … Continued

Unwarranted, sexualised comments aren’t “just compliments”

New submission from Rebecca: Walking to the train station at about 8am this morning, a man leered at me with the comment ‘sexy dress’. He wasn’t impressed when I didn’t respond positively. Left me feeling angry and embarrassed – unwarranted, sexualised comments aren’t “just compliments”, they’re degrading and upsetting.

I felt Threatened and Humiliated

Walking past the Crossrail site at the top of Soho square where three of their workmen (in Crossrail uniform) were lurking by the entrance of the site all leered at me and sniggered “lady” “cutie” I felt threatened and humiliated and also kind of helpless because I knew they would laugh harder if I confronted … Continued