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He shouted “you’re lucky you know”

I was walking to the underground station with my earphones on. I saw this guy, perhaps mid 20s. I walk past, minding my own business. I keep walking, then I see someone walking beside me and looking at me. I take my earphones out. He says “excuse me, didn’t you see me trying to talk … Continued

Verbal Harassment on Night Tube

I was on the night tube a month or so ago on my way back from a friends house. Two men came on and I immediately didn’t feel very safe. They were incredibly drunk and loud and one of the came and sat down next to me, the other in front of me, even though … Continued

Bystander Intervention on the Tube

A man snatched away aggressively the newspaper from the lady sitting next to him yelling at her and shoving the newspaper in her face “how long are you going to keep doing that for!” It seems that he was annoyed with her turning the newspaper pages and the pages had accidentally touched him. She was … Continued

You can make a change by uniting!

Daily street harassment in the tube, some¬†guys started making faces and waving and harassing comments at me from the moment I stepped into the tube; they did the same to a girl that entered the tube just after me; and when the girl sitting in front of me raised her head and started saying “they’ve … Continued

Photographing women on the tube

New Submission from Anonymous:   I just saw a man taking several indecent photos of this poor woman without her knowledge. I also have a photo of his face if you can tell me where to send it to avoid him doing this to other women.

He followed me to the platform

New submission from anonymous: Trying to get on central line, a man who had been watching me at the bottom of the stairs stood in the middle of the board I was trying to read facing me, looking me up and down asking my age and telling me we were the same age I ignored … Continued

Hollaback in action

New submission from Fiona Walked into the train station behind a woman. Man shouts “Oi, fit!” at her. She confronts him about his behaviour, telling him he should keep his opinion of people’s bodies to himself. He tells her she should be grateful for the compliment and he has a “right to his own opinion.” … Continued

New submission from Rapunzelli

When the train came he hauled me on with him. The carriage had two other passengers (a man and a woman) inside and yet he still made me perform this act, slobbering kisses all over my face the whole time. They did nothing to help me.