Tag: Verbal

“Oh Come on Love, Let us Enjoy the View”

Two men in a white van made kissy noises at me while I rode past the van. When I told them to get lost one said, ‘oh come on love let us enjoy the view while we are stuck in traffic”. I yelled some more and said I  was going to report this sexual harassment. … Continued

As he drove away I saw a baby on board sticker in his car

I was walking home after seeing some friends for dinner, it was relatively early and I was feeling really good. I’d had a lovely evening. And then as I was jamming away to my music this man curb crawled me, licked his lips, and said “beautiful”. I was just so angry at him for invading … Continued

I was told that’s not harassment

I was walking home from the athletics track with my flatmate in West London. When we passed our small, usually quiet, local pub, a man who looked as if he was in his late 30’s, lunged into my friends face and really creepily growled, ‘You look nice’. I stopped and stared at him, he jumped … Continued

Bystander Intervention on the Tube

A man snatched away aggressively the newspaper from the lady sitting next to him yelling at her and shoving the newspaper in her face “how long are you going to keep doing that for!” It seems that he was annoyed with her turning the newspaper pages and the pages had accidentally touched him. She was … Continued

“You could’ve just smiled”

I was walking along on my lunch break, feeling a little down, and a bloke in a group yelled ‘Cheer up beautiful’. Now, him and his cronies weren’t exactly grinning their faces off. When I didn’t respond and kept walking he turned nasty and literally screamed insults down the street after me (‘fat slag’ ‘stuck … Continued

“It was super intimidating”

I was on the top deck of the bus listening to music when two men got on arguing loudly enough I could hear them over my music and sat behind me. I turned my music off because I already felt very uncomfortable and after a few minutes I heard one say to the other “Watch … Continued