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“I felt so tiny in that moment”

Today I learned the word ‘gunt’. I’m not entirely sure what it means, but I heard it from the chefs who work in the canteen I serve at. They were sitting in the corner of the room, cackling and whispering to each other while I wiped down the tables. I could only hear snippets of … Continued

Publicly sexually harassed at a conference

New submission from Blair Barnette Blair is a Londoner who recently reached out to Hollaback to share her story after being harassed at an event in the Netherlands. Her story demonstrates how normalized and ignored harassment can be, even in a professional setting. Thank you for sharing your story, Blair. Hello, I wanted to send … Continued

He casually informed me he was stalking me

New submission from Collette An older guy in my workplace has been staring at me a lot! Firstly asking about my bf, then last week he casually informed me he was stalking me, when I told he it was creepy, he said I know and laughed in my face. Completely stunned, I told him firmly … Continued